Application Development

and DevOps

In the era of Digital Transformation, innovation needs to be agile and systems and applications must accompany this speed and versatility with the use of new technologies.

Prepared for these requirements, our Application Development solutions conquer the market, with services of maturity evaluated by the CMMI Level 3, which involve and apply trends, such as BI, Big Data, Mobile Solutions, in addition to having their implementation in the cloud.



It offers the most modern and effective in building agile,

easy-to-use and flexible web systems for any business.

One of the resources that have become essential for personal life and also for the day by day of any business is the Internet. And if it was already impossible to imagine work in companies without the use of any communication resource or network connection, imagine in times of Digital Transformation how this importance becomes even greater. Therefore, systems are needed that allow agility, ease and especially quick access. Thankfully, Datainfo offers its partnership and great experience to implement the most modern and effective solutions based on the internet.

In this way, our experience and know-how guarantee simpler, more flexible and flexible web systems for your business. Therefore, when it comes to developing the capacity of the network that will support all its transformation, just count on our services.


  • Java development using the most modern frameworks based on this language.
  • C # .NET Core Development
  • PHP development with Zend Framework, Symfony
  • Desenvolvimento na plataforma Oracle Apex
  • SpringBoot Development
  • ReactJS Development
  • Pytthon and Django Framework Development
  • NodeJS Development
  • Scalable development with containers and orchestration
  • Development of solutions for cloud or on-premise
  • Development with RUP, XP, Agile, among others
  • Development of solutions with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Use of recent and modern technologies
  • Standardization in the construction of software.
  • Documentation of all products that make up the software.
  • Use of best development practices
  • Productivity and agility in development.
  • Quality control to ensure a tested product.


More information at your fingertips.

If Digital Transformation allows you to work with large volumes of data, the responsible resource for integrating this information from systems and technologies is Business Intelligence and Big Data. Thus, these innovations enable data to be transparent and accessible so that the entire team can extract and analyze corporate and external information in a simple, correct, structured and timely manner.

However, only a BI or Big Data solution designed in a correct and reliable way allows your company's managers to make the best business decisions with more agility and total assertiveness. Thus, your company can take advantage of one of the most important technologies for the future and business results.

Datainfo has extensive experience in Business Intelligence projects to extend and work new knowledge in Big Data and can help your company to design and implement a solution oriented to your needs. This way, it’s easy to maximize the investment and provide real information for the decisions that your company needs to make.


  • Development with the QlikView suite.
  • Development with the Pentaho suite.
  • Development with the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition platform.
  • Development with the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence platform.
  • Implementation of Big Data solution with the IBM Big Data platform.
  • Implementation of Big Data solution with the IBM Big Data platform.
  • It allows extracting and integrating data from multiple sources.
  • Understand business trends.
  • Look for cause and effect relationships.
  • Transform data into information and knowledge.
  • Distribute company information more widely.
  • Obtaining strategic data more easily.
  • High volume treatment of structured or unstructured data.
  • More proactive decision making.



Managing your business wherever and whenever you need it.

If technology has extended time and reduced distances, Digital Transformation is responsible for bringing this reality into organizations. Today, information is anywhere and at all times, with total integration and interactivity with the world. This is only possible through innovative technologies used to implement and maintain mobility in all types of business, entertainment and communication for new consumers. In this context, the workforce already accesses the company's systems, makes decisions and executes processes from its own devices.

Our highly qualified professionals have expertise in developing applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and others.

In addition, our company addresses mobile solutions, from product conception, through prototyping with a focus on design and usability, to delivery with quality, security and scalability. We build projects by using best practices for applications. We are experts in solutions that help companies make their team more mobile, connected and productive.


  • Development of native apps for iOS
  • Android native application development
  • Application development for hybrid platform with Ionic, Xamarin, Angular and ReactNative
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) development
  • Access information from anywhere, anytime. Full-time information availability.
  • Time optimization, with mobile applications that provide information immediately.
  • Keep the user in constant contact with your company.
  • Responsiveness and usability with UX Designer
  • Mobility with offline support

Optimize the operation, apply trends

trends and expand results with Datainfo's Application

Development and DevOps solution.


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Application Development and DevOps

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